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Explore the infinite possibilities and the cutting edge of Virtual Technology, by artist, Wynd. Unique creations come alive with the intensity of color, depth of field and imagination. A variety of talents are found at the Studio. Wynd a highly diverse and accomplished professional specializes in multimedia, 3-D computer drafting, fine art, special effects sculpture, storyboard art, animation and illustration. Wynd has extensive experience as a Conceptual Designer, designing corporate logos, trademarks, promotional materials, brochures, technical and military illustration, stage set design, and sculptural fine art.

Wynd’s Commercial Artist Resume can be viewed here.

In addition to being a visual artist, Wynd has professional experience acting in various movies and promotional events. Wynd entertained at Scarborough Faire and The Texas Renaissance Festival for over ten years, where he personified a 16th century Scottish Border Lord. As the armour and weapons curator of his own, RavensHall Medieval Museum and Gallery, Lord FalconHood gave presentations and demonstrates on the proper use of the sword, a required skill for centuries. A Master Swordsman, shared his knowledge of arms and armour, also participated in public sword and pistol duels. As a Historian Lord FalconHood gave an adventurous tour of the RavensHall Medieval Museum.


Wynd had a seven year affiliation with Terry's Texas Rangers, 8th Texas Cavalry. An expert Horse Soldier and Guidon performing living history demonstrations, stock footage, and the filming of Civil War documentaries. In this role he participated in over 100 mock battles throughout Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Tennessee. Experience includes stunts, pyrotechnics  and the use of period weaponry.

Wynd can be found as an 1880's civilian in made-for-TV movie, NBC

The Substitute Wife.



In Two for Texas, a made-for-TV movie by Turner Network Television, about the Battle of San Jacinto, Wynd performed as a Texian civilian, Scottish volunteer soldier, Kentucky volunteer soldier and Mexican Royal Guard.

You can view Wynd's Acting Resume here.